80s Enuff are Australia's original and best 80s tribute show. Other retro bands have tried to follow in their footsteps, but no act has been able create performances with such genuine 80s authenticity, raw energy and humor.

Not only do they wear all the LOUD 80s costumes but also use original instruments, sequencing technology and LIVE vocals as opposed to the backing tracks that so many tribute and cover acts are using these days. In other words, youre getting the Real Deal with no cheating or miming!!

Since 1995, 80s Enuff has become much less a band than a Melbourne institution. The band had a vision to skillfully recreate the sounds from the decade; a live show is theatrically visual and entertaining. From corporate/private events to successful long term residencies in pubs and clubs, 80s ENUFF always has the audience not only raging but coming back for more!

Each live performance is the product of continuing hard work from the musicians, a theatre director, a choreographer and a costume designer.

Lead singer FLASH DAN sings like Simon Le Bon, dances like David Bowie and moonwalks like Michael Jackson.

ADORIAN is a master of technology. Sometimes sensitive and some times cruel. He always plays the synthesizer with new wave angularity.

See drummer, ROLAND SIMMONS pound his red plastic electronic drum kit as used by Pseudo Echo, Culture Club and Spandau Ballet.

Guitar hero, MICHAEL J. ROXX with recognizable riffs, handles his axe like a Mazda RX7.

Put down your Rubiks Cube, pull up your leg warmers and experience 80s Enuff playing THE GREATIES FROM THE 80S LIVE.