'4-Play' formed in Brisbane (Australia) in June 2006. At the bands core, is a song list based on tried and tested pub rock. The bands purpose is to entertain crowds with the most noticeable pub rock classics, from the 70's, through to today’s standout rock tracks. A four piece line-up, with all of the members adding to the vocal content in some way, the band aims to tease the audience with rock anthems that everyone can relate to and sing (or yell) along to.

4-Play provides entertainment from a songbook of carefully chosen classic and current rock songs. With all members’ fully loaded and ready to fire, the band is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

Alex – Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals

Nickname “THE PRANKSTER” has a history that goes back to the 70's. A Singer/Guitarist that cut his teeth on the music from the original British invasion of the 60's and 70's, he has fronted bands such as 'Prankster', 'Stone' and 'Metal Rage' to name a few. Alex has set out with one purpose in mind, to enjoy the experience that is playing and performing Live Rock & Roll music while supporting the push to reinvigorate the local live rock scene.

David – Drums, Percussion, Vocals

David or 'THUMPER' as he is affectionately known in the band, has been playing drums actively for the past 8 years in a variety of bands including Blues, Pop and Rock ‘n’ Roll. He started playing when he was 16y.o. in the local school band and after a long stint, got back into playing again at the turn of the century 2000. David has a passion for the music and enjoys nothing more than singing lead on some of the rock classics. He loves the atmosphere of the audience and really is in his element when playing live. So "Keep the Beat Alive and Kicking!!!

Dan – Bass Guitar, Vocals

Dan comes to the band bringing many years of diverse experience across many genres, bass player, with a passion for collecting bass guitars. Dan has played around Queensland in bands such as 'Person to Person' and 'The Stick Men'. From spending time in Tamworth playing Country Rock to Pub Rock bands, Dan thrives on any challenge the band throws his way, including shouting the rounds of 'Lemon Squash' we all love.

John – Lead Guitar, Vocals

Nicknamed 'THE KNIFE' because of his cutting lead style, the most recent addition to the band, John brings a history of having played with Sweet Freedom, The Pulse, The Verandah Band and Bindi and the Sneakers - to name a few. John's influences are Mark Knopfler, Albert Lee, Robin Ford, Steve Morse and Scott Henderson. Also lending some great lead and harmony vocals, John brings a new feel to the band with his dedication to guitar and having a good time on stage.