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Music Theatre Australia provides a unique range of Australia's most talented artists and groups for public performances and special events.  We aim to provide an entire entertainment solution and consult on and produce an enormous variety of events.

Formed in 1987 as Pot-Pourri, MTA aims to provide a creative and excellent service that excites, inspires and enriches the lives of its team, clients, audiences and the community.

MTA works with artists and performers nationally and internationally, creating and presenting accessible and innovative work of the highest artistic calibre to the widest audiences possible in both traditional and non-traditional venues.

In achieving this vision, MTA:

  • Provides customised entertainment solutions to our clientele in line with the objectives of the event organiser.
  • Provides a hassle free entertainment consulting service.
  • Manages and presents a range of professional, talented, reliable and trustworthy artists nationally and internationally.
  • Provides many of Australia's finest young musicians, performers and creators with greater professional opportunities to develop work in a national and international context for a range of public performances, venues, festivals, tours, conferences, special and corporate events.
  • Observes stringent selection procedures for our performers including auditions, reference checks, on-going monitoring and client feedback analysis.
  • Thoroughly works through all elements of your event such as running schedules, production, theming and so on, to ensure that all elements of the event will come together on the night without any problems.
  • Develops a range of new and innovative performance groups with the ultimate aim of making the arts more accessible to wider audiences