Evoke emotions, stir the senses. Built in 1839 and then restored as a tourist destination in 1972, the Old Melbourne Gaol recently won the National Tourism Award for Best Cultural and Historical site.

Marekai Events have produced events in the Gaol, Former City Watch House and Old Magistrates for the past 10 years, and today it is one of the most sought after event spaces in Melbourne.

Events are conducted with a catalogue of tours, performers and themes. A series of cameos performers throughout events set a style and mood, and interactive and professionally produced shows - such as the 'Kelly Gang Riot' tap show- provide a level of entertainment produced specifically for events at the venue. Above and beyond the jail-house concepts, Marekai Events have consistently evolved the space to take on a myriad of backdrops transforming the spaces into an alley, devils lair, enchanted castle and hawker style market.

Marekai Events
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