Why More Brides Are Hiring MCs For Their Wedding 

(and why you should too)...


Is your wedding day on the horizon?


First things first…




With that out of the way it’s time to start planning. You’ve probably got an idea of your dream dress, venue and (hopefully) groom. But what decision are you planning to make when it comes to your Wedding MC?


While weddings may previously have used their DJ to save money, or shared the responsibility of toasts and speeches around guests, the simple fact is that having a professional wedding MC offers benefits that no one else can provide.


Remember, your wedding day is going to be one of the most memorable of your life. And the one thing you can’t change when it’s all said and done, is the memories.


A master of ceremonies or MC has a vital, but often underestimated role on your wedding day. A lot of people assume that an MC will only have to make a few announcements and introduce the speeches and event entertainment. However, there is actually a lot more that they will be responsible for.  The experience and quality of your MC can affect the smooth running of your reception.  


Ultimately, a professional wedding MC ensures your wedding day is memorable for all the right reasons. 


But that’s not all. More and more brides are hiring wedding MCs to help celebrate their big day, and if you’re thinking of joining the savvy brides finding affordable and experienced MCs, here’s what you need to know.

The 3 Vital Roles Of A Wedding MC...


#1 - The Pre-Wedding Planning


The duties of your MC will start before the big day. They will have to communicate with the couple, the manager of the venue, your wedding planner and guests who might have special requirements in terms of announcements and speeches. This communication will generally be done via emails and phone calls in the weeks leading up to your wedding.  


According to the wedding photography experts at Strong Images, pre-planning can reduce stress significantly on the big day, they say “leaving things to the last minute is a recipe for disaster. Once you’ve decided on a professional wedding MC, open up clear lines of communication to establish a relationship and provide enough time for all the important things to be identified and implemented.”


They will also need to read the running sheet and know the names of the bridal party for the introductions. They are also in charge of various formalities that happen throughout the reception.  


#2 - The Wedding Day Organiser


The experience a professional MC has will make a big difference when compared to having a family member do this. There are many couples who appoint a friend or family member as their MC only for the person to find that they have taken on much more than they can handle. These appointed people will spend the day running around becoming increasingly stressed and will not be able to enjoy the big day at all.  


When you have a professional MC, they will know the importance of their duties and what they need to do on the day. They will be able to get everything handled behind the scenes and ensure that everything runs on time. This is something that you want when you have spent months planning your wedding and the reception.  


Ideally, you will want an MC who has worked hundreds of weddings in the past. They will know what they need to do behind the scenes and when to do it. A good MC will also liaise with the bridal party, venue and guests to ensure that everything runs smoothly. 


This is vital in ensuring all parties are on the same page according to the beauticians at M.T Medical who note “it is not uncommon for minor hiccups during the day. Make-up malfunctions or last minute hair fixes are common, and it’s important to have an MC who can quickly adapt to a tweak in the schedule. This is the hallmark of a professional MC and is ultimately priceless when you look back on a smooth, stress-free day.”


They will also be calm under the pressure of the day and ensure that everything runs on time regardless of what is happening. They will also be able to handle any problems with the efficiency that comes with experience 


It is important to note that it should not be the responsibility of the bride or groom to run around organising everything on their wedding day.  When you have a good MC leading everything, you will be able to spend more time enjoying the day.  

#3 - The Gracious Host

While the behind the scenes work the MC handles is important, there is more to what they can offer. When most people think about an MC, they will think about someone who hosts and communicates with the guests. This is one of the duties of an MC and it will include introducing and announcing tasks such as:


  • The welcoming of all guests
  • Housekeeping announcements
  • The introduction of the bridal party
  • The cutting of the cake
  • Introducing speeches
  • Announcing the first dance
  • The bouquet toss
  • Farewells


All of these announcements will have to be communicated in a professional and clear manner while maintaining the fun of the day. You do not want the announcements to put a damper on the whole occasion.  


This is something that can happen when you have an awkward, shy or overwhelmed friend or family member announcing everything. There are small intricacies to these announcements such as microphone techniques that can make a big difference. A good MC will maintain the light-hearted tone during the reception.  


This is reinforced by experienced speaker Joanne Antoun who explains “many people are naturally gifted at speaking in public. But the intricacies of a wedding require someone with experience, the kind only professional MCs have. Nothing puts the brakes on an enjoyable wedding quite like poor or inexperienced MCing.”


You might think that getting a friend or family member to MC your wedding is a bad idea, but there are many people who thrive in this role. These are people who are naturally good at doing this. However, getting a professional might be a better solution.  


A professional is generally better when you have spent months or years planning your wedding.  They can ensure that your big day runs as smoothly as you want and that everyone has a good time. Of course, you will need to hire the right MC for your wedding to get all of the benefits.  


Tips And Hints For Determining If You Need A Professional MC

If you are thinking of asking a friend or family member to MC your wedding, you need to ensure that they do not get drunk early. You do not want a tipsy MC because it will not be pretty. Your family or friend MC will be able to drink after the dance floor has started because they will not have much to do after this time. 


It is possible that the person you ask to MC says yes before the day. However, when the day comes and they realise the magnitude of their duties, they can become very stressed. There are a lot of stories about MC’s who become extremely stressed and nervous before the event and this will result in poor performance. This is something that you want to avoid on your wedding day. 


The funny family member or friend that you have might not be that great at being an MC. Being funny and confident in daily life is very different from being an MC. The person you ask should have some experience talking to crowds and using a microphone.  


A lot of people do not realise that the wedding and reception venue will generally prefer a professional MC. 


Working with a professional will make everything easier for them and the catering staff. 


This will also make it easier for everyone to coordinate and ensure your wedding goes smoothly.  


But ultimately it isn’t want the venue wants, or what the guests wants. It only matters what YOU want.


And if you want a smooth, well-paced and inclusive ceremony, a professional wedding MC is the right fit for you.



Tim Frank Anderson is an Australian freelance writer and Sydney-based university student. As a business student, he has a passion for learning about global changes in business culture and specialises in entrepreneurship and innovation-related topics. When Tim isn’t at his desk, you’ll find him exploring National Parks.