8 Engaging Entertainment Ideas for Your Next Virtual Event

By Chloe Harris

As we move to digital landscapes, we also have to find new ways to keep participants engaged. Here are some creative ideas you should consider:

1. Comedy Show
Virtual events can be a bit stiff. A comedy show is a great way to boost everyone’s energy levels. You can choose from clean stand-up comedians to sketch comedies. There are numerous energetic and experienced comedians out there who offer digital packages. Of course, it is essential first to consider the “theme” of the event. Fortunately, there are comedians with “specialties”, such as politics, daily life, Hollywood, etc.

2. Trivia Game Show
This is probably one of the most favourite entertainment ideas for virtual events. The host can display a game board with questions, while guests send their answers through their smartphones. You can customise the questions in a way that highlights your brand.

3. Keynote Speakers
If the event is focused on educating or motivating the participants, consider hiring a keynote speaker. From an industry-specific discussion to an inspiring personal story, the right speaker can lift the morale of the audience.
For instance, an event about the e-commerce industry can be made more unforgettable by a speaker who has a background on consumer psychology and branding.

4. Singer
If you’re still conflicted, why not settle for a song!? A singing number is a safe bet for awakening and stirring the heart, mind, and soul.
There are solo performers, duos, and bands that are adapted to online streaming, allowing them to deliver superb production to various parts of the world. Whether it’s a corporate gathering, a wedding, or a seminar, a live musical event can add value to your event.

5. Virtual Dance Party

Who could’ve predicted that we’d be partying virtually? Virtual dance parties are designed to bring fun and excitement to any occasion in any part of the world. These are well-arranged by professionals to ensure that everyone will be motivated to join. Many companies offer a wide range of themes to choose from to suit different types of events.

6. Magical Show

Alistaire Claire, a business analyst at Max Funding, shares her experience in organising virtual events, “Magic is a form of art that can easily translate to the virtual world while maintaining its real impact. Whether it’s just a 5-minute act performance or a 1-hour act, your guests will surely be amused. Professional magicians adapted to delivering virtual presentations have devised an interactive experience to keep the guests engaged and thrilled. Additionally, a magical show is suitable for all ages.”
7. Hire an Impersonator

Impersonators add more character to an event. Usually, they are hired for events with specific theme settings, such as politics, Hollywood, or popular culture. Do you know that you can invite The Queen and Donald Trump to your event? It would be like a meet & greet but with less protocol!

8. Bring A Celebrity

Grace your virtual event with the presence of a world-class celebrity!

Organising a virtual event can be daunting because you have to put more effort in keeping the audience engaged. Thankfully, Music Theatre Australia Entertainment and Events is here to deliver top-class Australian entertainment for corporate, community, and private events. Contact us now for fresh and creative event solutions!
Let us know your thoughts on who you have always wanted to meet and we will make it happen!

By Chloe Harris