The Electrofairies

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Roving Specialty Artist available for hire, based in New South Wales

With international experience, The Electrofairies are a colourful and dynamic spin performance group incorporating lights, ribbons and fire. Specialising in juggling toys such as Hoop, Staff and Poi, we have entertained all: from corporate to clubs, ravers to rockers, festivals to fairs, clients to kids. Have the Electrofairies bring that extra sparkle to your event: we are magic after all!

Experience - our members combined have performed worldwide: Europe, Asia and Australia

Mood - colourful ribbons and costumes for day; spectacular lights or captivating fire for night

Events – we have performed at corporate functions, nightclubs, parties, festivals, raves, dinners, luncheons, parks, universities, weddings, funerals, everywhere!

Members - hired as a group, from 2 to 10 people, usually 4, or as individuals

Performance styles – casual when free-styling or roving; formal and choreographed for the stage

Music - yours, ours or none