Ian Schubach

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Speaker available for hire, based in Victoria

Ian Schubach draws on his experience as an African game ranger to speak to audiences around the world about the lessons business can learn from wildlife. Ian makes informed links from the law of the jungle to the wild, unpredictable and sometimes predatory world of business.

A dynamic and inspiring speaker, Ian uses the animal kingdom as a metaphor for business team success. In this presentation, he will be looking specifically at four animals that characterize the African savannah environment - Lion, Elephant, Leopard and Giraffe. Ian will share their knowledge and stories relating to these animals and examine their key attributes that have allowed them to be a constant presence on the African plains for thousands of years

Audiences always find Ian Schubach engaging and thrilling. He blends dramatic wildlife imagery with gripping story-telling ability to create a virtual wildlife experience. Interlaced with a healthy injection of humour, his presentations are full of sound business sense. Stories and anecdotes from Schubach's presentations are so memorable and powerful that audiences leave enthralled and repeat the stories to friends and colleagues. The continued power of Schubach's lessons result in immense take home business value from the wild.

A frequent guest on radio and television talk shows, Ian Schubach is in partnership with Ian Thomas- the author of the bestselling book, 'The Power of the Pride'. Diverse interests including photography, reading and mountaineering create a fully rounded speaker who has a combination of knowledge and skills that capture audience attention and hold it.