Vika and Linda

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Celebrity available for hire, based in Victoria

Born of a Tongan mother and Australian father, Vika and Linda grew up in Victoria but maintained close links to the Tongan community. As children they were always around music and enjoyed singing with the family and also at the Tongan church they attended. They learned singing and harmonies from their mother, but they both have had musical training - Vika actually had singing lessons for a couple of years as well as learning to play the piano and read music. From an early age Vika wanted to be a professional singer whereas Linda wanted to be either a painter or a micro biologist. They received support from their family to do whatever they wanted, but knowing how competitive the music industry was, their parents wanted them to have something to fall back on if this didn't work out.

They both enjoyed singing and when in 1984 Vika was offered a job as a backing singer with a Melbourne band called Fear of Flying, she jumped at the chance. She stayed with them for two years before moving onto another band called Sophisticated Boom Boom. At this time Linda decided that she wasn't enjoying what she was doing, so she decided to leave University and give music a try. She knew that she could harmonize well with Vika, but she wasn't sure whether she was a good enough singer in her own right, but she joined Vika in that band in 1987. During that time Vika also took the opportunity to gig with other bands including John Justin and Thunderwings and The Blue Tomatoes. After that they formed their own band called The Honeymooners. Around this time Linda met Justin and they married in 1993. Also around that same time, Vika met John (who was the drummer with the James Reyne band), and they married in 1997.

Their big musical break came in 1988 when Joe Camilleri took the girls into The Black Sorrows as backing singers - this is when the girls profile was raised. Vika was prominent on a couple of their big singles and their reputation grew. During their time with the Black Sorrows, they also performed on other people's songs - people such as Hunters and Collectors, John Farnham and Archie Roach. Whilst working on the Archie Roach CD, they met and started working with Paul Kelly. After 6 years with the Black Sorrows they felt it was time to take the next logical step, which was to be lead singers in their own band. They had enough material and wanted the opportunity to perform it. So in 1994 they left the Black Sorrows and took their music to audiences at places like The Esplanade and the Cherry Tree - at this time they were playing covers of Country songs and started to introduce their own songs into the sets. The reaction to their music was very positive and with that came confidence in what they were doing and they started refining the material for their first CD.

Six months after having left the Black Sorrows, they brought out that first CD which they called Vika and Linda as they tried to develop their own identities rather than be known as 'the girls from the Black Sorrows'. The CD was produced by Paul Kelly and was greeted very well - it became gold quickly and then as word spread it became platinum and was nominated for an Australian Music Award.

In 2006, a new CD was launched that took songs from throughout their career (including their days in the Black Sorrows) and reworked them. After that, they decided to start a new set of songs and put their old songs on hold and started performing soul songs that were very popular with fans.

In early 2008, Linda decided that she needed a break froim music to allow her time with her family and to assess what she wanted from music. Vika is currently touring as a solo act until the time that Linda feels ready to return.