Tracy Bartram

Tracy Bartram-1

Comedian available for hire, based in Victoria

Tracy Bartram is funny, forthright and definitely not a follower – unless the cause quantifies itself as a world-saver!

First and foremost, Tracy is a comedian; filtering life’s absurdities and contributing a few of her own – from prime time variety shows, to national radio, the Edinburgh Fringe and the corporate speaking stage, the two-decades gig list fills boxes. She has been seen (and heard) on Beauty and the Beast, Good Morning Australia, and Rove Live as well as Fox FM, Mix FM and the ABC.

Her huge voice is framed by an imposing and engaging stage presence, old-school jazz music comes as second nature. The free-form genre is built for her approach to life; switching, building, seizing on the hooks that come her way. Make a date to see this band, groovers!

Tracy’s work on the public speaking circuit has made a huge impact – resulting in motivation, laughter, crying and tuning in with people when the odds seem insurmountable. A natural entertainer, he evolving juxtapositions is serviced by a drive to help people; showing them the way to laughter, relaxation, empowerment and recovery.

It’s easy to get swept up in all that is Bartram!