Tonic Sofa

Tonic Sofa-1

Swing & Jazz available for hire, based in Victoria

Belinda Griffiths' smooth vocals and Angelo Montalti's inventive piano style combine to create an enticing blend of jazz and classic popular tunes.

The two musicians came together to form Tonic Sofa in 2002, each having many years experience performing in a variety of formats and musical styles,including cabaret,musical theatre,jazz fusion and 'straight ahead' jazz.

The true essence of Tonic Sofa's repertoire is captured in a live setting, where the spirit of a true jazz gig is embraced. Listen to the emotional flow -between vocals and the piano, and feel the vibes between the listeners and Tonic Sofa. Giving rise to a distinctive and fresh experience every time.

Drawing on enthusiasm, dedication and experience, Tonic Sofa looks forward to presenting a quality performance that will seduce, stimulate and soothe.