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Celebrity available for hire, based in Victoria

Born in Nigeria, Tim Omaji immigrated to Australia with his family when he was only 10 months old. His father was an academic and was posted to different positions around the country, so after a stint in Canberra the Omaji’s found themselves living all around Australia.

Following Usher, Justin Timberlake and Destiny's Child, who all auditioned for old school talent shows, the fierce hip-hop dancer tried for So You Think You Can Dance and sang on Australia's Got Talent.

Tim Omaji’s career then went from strength to strength. ‘PARACHUTE’ was a hit single with other infectious hits including ‘IF LOOKS COULD KILL’ and ‘SET IT OFF’ - one of the highest played Australian tracks of 2012, which saw Tim earn himself at a seat at the Australia's Got Talent judging panel.

Tim Omaji's newest track "Something Bout You" cements his name as one to watch in 2015 and an artist to make your next event unforgettable.