The Anthill Mobb

The Anthill Mobb-1

Cover Band available for hire, based in New South Wales

The jury is out. The Anthill Mobb have been charged with being Sydney’s most notorious party cover band.

Be warned. This band knows how to ignite a crowd into a frenzy. Look out for killer tunes from the 60’s to Now and a wacky onstage vibe that has kept the Mobb at the top of the wanted list since 1991.

Witnesses report that they were last seen wearing fedora hats, pinstripe suits, fancy frocks, coloured ties and wielding various weapons of mass musical destruction Forget the Sopranos; they’re just little boys with high voices. The Mobb will make you a musical offer you can’t refuse.

Catch them soon or sleep with the fishes.

First coming to prominence in the early 90’s was a young group of boys terrorising the musical scene with their crazy onstage antics and killer party tunes.

Over the years as the bands notoriety escalated and their reputation grew in stature they decided to allow a lady to co-front their organisation. The results were dangerous and the Anthill Mobb became the most feared band in the land.

Charged with well over 1500 performances they are now running in every major venue in town and are constantly on the top of the corporate industry’s most wanted list.

Versatile and stylish, these hard-nosed gangsters and their sexy femme fatale singer know how to make every night go Bada Bing, Bada Boom!

Whether it be a pub, club or a private function the Anthill Mobb understand the importance of an organised do and deliver with the intensity of a spitfire machine gun.

Pop, rock, dance, funk, and retro are the ammunition used to capture the audience. The Mobb can also perform the occasional slow tune during dinner. They make sure they always have their violin cases on hand. That and a knuckle sandwich.

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