Team Cooking

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Team Building available for hire, based in Australia wide

Your team cooking adventure includes being the 'Chefs', who cook the glamorous meal. Then as the 'Customers', you get to eat and enjoy their feast together. Now there's a reward.

 Fun, different and with plenty of WOW;

 Perfect for all ages, genders and management levels;

 Designed to build stronger relationships without feeling ‘forced’;

 Flexible and creative to suit your objectives;

 A breeze to organize!

Everyone will definitely have fun, with people creating a wonderful five-star meal together, without being aware that ‘bonding’ is the ultimate goal. That’s the beauty of cooking - people talk and interact very naturally, so the idea of ‘relationship building / entertaining’ isn’t forced.

But please don’t think this is merely a cooking class. The focus is on your team, fun and the bonding experience - not just the food and cooking!

Whether a brunch, lunch or 3 course dinner, everyone can become the 'secret ingredient' to the group's success - whatever their age, gender, fitness or culture.

For more than an everyday cooking class, we create an 'event' to suit your objectives, mission statement or conference theme - all with fun, music and a glass of vino. Replace your next 'same old' restaurant meal with a lively and interactive cook-up. Suits groups 4-400 from an hour to a day.