Flashmob Singers

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Entertainment available for hire, based in Victoria

Imagine going into the supermarket or a department store, ferry, tram or a public arcade and all of a sudden you hear an incredible voice start singing. You look around and realise it’s one of the employees singing opera! Then one of the customers joins in, and another staff member and then another customer finishing in an incredible climax. Of course, the “employees” and “customers” are our brilliantly talented performers playing those roles. Once revealed they can continue to perform some more feature entertainment to thrill and interact with your audience.


This “flash mob entertainment” will surprise and delight your customers and staff. We can write special customised lyrics to suit everything from launches, fashion shows, conferences, festivals, promotions and other special events.


We can supply FLASH mobs to surprise your customers and guests including:

· individual singers in all styles

· groups of singers

· entire choirs

· orchestras

· bands

· pianists

· dance groups

· circus performers…and lots more!