Strings - Angel Sounds

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Classics & Strings available for hire, based in Western Australia

Bronwyn Wallis and Kristen Morrissey formed Angel Sounds in 1993 and the beauty of the combined flute and harp immediately

captivated Bronwyn and Kristen. As co-students at the WA conservatorium, Bronwyn and Kristen have performed together in several chamber music ensembles, ranging from classical to contemporary musical performance.

Angel Sounds have extensive experience and offer a wide range of styles so you can tailor the music to suit your taste and specific requirements.

They have performed at private and business events and specifically many wedding ceremonies and receptions. They create beautiful and elegant tones few will forget, as a beauitiful string music duo.

The addition of either a cello, violin and/or vocalist are optional and provide more clarity, depth and resonance to the overall ensemble when more presence is required.

Angel Sounds create the perfect atmosphere and special ambience for any event, whether it be indoors or outdoors, formal or relaxed.