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Dance available for hire, based in New South Wales

Stretch Mk1 is a small theatre company operating out of Sydney Australia. We have performed in over 30 countries around the world for arts festivals, children's festivals, government promotions, cultural exchanges and for hundreds of corporate events. There is a large repertoire revolving around one body of work which has been continually developing. In essence, a large scale installation of interactive sky sculpture combined with performance pieces based on the central theme of life cycles. Acts performed are sculptural form, dance, drama, pantomime, puppetry, mime, mask, music, a hint of chaos and the glint of madness.


Stretch Mk1 in Sky Sculptures

Suspended high in the air and operated by the public by a soft pull cord, the Sky Sculptures are an imaginative world of changing images, a 'Hands on Public Plaything'. Children will play for hours. Teenagers go "OH WOW!" and join in. Adults are fascinated by the geometry, variety of shape and beautiful movement. The same sculptures that people explore and play with can also be the set, costumes and props for a number of performance options. Floating down to engulf the performers or floating serenely as part of the setting, continually mutating to create the most fantastic scene-scapes. Other parts of the setting become puppet creatures and costumes.

Stretch Mk1 in Moondresses

They float serenely then suddenly burst into life, making the most fantastic shapes...What else can one say? Choreographed or improvised suit: festivals, roving or stage, corporate events and fashion events The Moondresses can be used in combination with other elements for larger productions.

Stretch Mk1 in Spots

From high fashion on the catwalk to pure sculptural form Enigmatic, Cheeky, Sassy, Chic, Classy and never quite what you thought they were! Un-definable, Spots move from high fashion to pure sculptural form. The performers use a single costume piece, which can mutate through an endless array of different characters and imagery.