Stayin Alive - Bee Gees Tribute Band

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Cover Band available for hire, based in Victoria

Stayin' Alive The Australian Bee Gees Show are a completely live five piece band, renowned worldwide for their definitive performances of all the classic Bee Gees songs from the sixties all the way to the new millennium! The show is the most authentic and up to date tribute to the Bee Gees, combining the look, personality and humour that defines one of the most successful and adored acts in musical history. Stayin' Alive will absolutely dazzle you with their astounding full multi-media presentation, featuring giant screens showing live vision of the band, amazing graphics and original footage of the Bee Gees themselves. From their first shows in 1997, Stayin' Alive have played to capacity houses throughout Australia, Asia, New Zealand, North & South America as well as Germany, gathering the accolades they deserve as the world's leading Bee Gees tribute show.

Stayin' Alive The Australian Bee Gees Show alights the senses of every audience, evoking the real essence and beautiful sounds of the fabulous Brothers Gibb.

"When I first saw the show I had high expectations of what the performance would be like, these boys did more than exceed my expectations. I was completely moved by their harmonies and the way they have perfected the whole Bee Gees image. This is the most outstanding Bee Gees show I have experienced. I mean every word of this too!! You guys are going great" Deborah McLane (niece of the brothers Gibb)