Slinky Minx

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Cover Band available for hire, based in Victoria

Slinkee Mynx are an edgy pop/rock groove-based party band made up of six amazing musicians and entertainers who deliver a fun-filled show!

Because sodanation have four awesome singers – two boys and two girls – they can perform a wide range of songs to suit any occasion. sodanation’s aim is to make you party and get you dancing or moshing – you choose! Pumping out songs from the last 3 decades to now and including all of your classic retro and party hits, Slinky Minx won’t promise you a great night out… they will positively guarantee it.

From rock to pop sodanation have got the rock chick, the pop princess, the master rock god and the MC extraordinaire. You’re in for a fast paced, lively performance which ensures crowd participation and a great night out for all. Come and see Slinky Minx in action, bring some friends, have a few drinks, but most important be prepared for an awesome night out!

Music Samples