Slack Taxi - Stilts

Slack Taxi - Stilts-1
Slack Taxi - Stilts-2
Slack Taxi - Stilts-3

Roving Circus Act available for hire, based in South Australia

1. Giant Puppets - standing 3-4metres high these colourful and unique designs are operated by performers either on stilts or underneath them. They wander through crowds chatting and even bending to kiss their amazed new friends. NEW PUPPETS – funky girl and boy the most popular.

2. The Bouncers - performers with “extreme” sports look in crazy inflatable units. Slack Taxi showcase their outrageous humour, acrobatic skill, and sheer energy. The Bouncers physically bounce off the ground and each other, tumble, run, waddle, and crash … it’s endless. Various colours or “all black” are available.

3. Funky Clowns - zany "clowns" on stilts and high unicycle - colourful lycra costumes with a very "hip" NEW look - these crazy guys are always a hit.

4. Fat Ballerinas - comical stilt characters with oversized legs covering stilts and ending in point shoes, large bottoms and tops, with flashing fairy lights on tutus and in wigs. They chat cheekily to amused crowds.

5. Origami Creatures - the stilt creatures (flamingo and dinosaur) wander silently, curiously inspecting audiences.