Singing Waiters

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Feature Act available for hire, based in Victoria

The Singing Waiters begin the night by welcoming guests and helping to serve the food and drink. The guests begin to realize that all is not as it should be, as the waiters become clumsy, flirty and one even appears to be inebriated. Then just as the dinner plates are being cleared, one of the waiters goes on stage and announces that the band hasn’t turned up, but not to worry because some of the waiters are prepared to give it a go. He then invites three other waiters on to the stage and they burst into song

Using no instruments apart from their voices, the Singing Waiters engage the audience with their beautiful harmonies, comedy and lousy choreography. The Singing Waiters perform hits from the 50’s to the 90’s and are ideal for audiences of all ages.

"If you really want to blow away your clients, have I got great news for you. Only because the following act is so great and only because they are really good people, am I prepared to give away one of our best trade secrets…..the quality of their singing. The insanity of their humour. All add up to an act that’s guaranteed to have your audience yelling for more." Steve Rawlins, DMP Marketing, Sydney

"The Singing waiters were truly fantastic. We have used them before and they continue to dazzle us with their performance. Highly recommended." Tim Snell, Humanity Pty/Ltd

"You guys were so good I hardly know how to thank you for the performance you put on for our guests. It was absolutely wonderful and provided a fitting finale for our whole weekend… deserve to go to the very top of your profession." Mike Preece, Chairman. Spies Hecker. ‘Hoeschst’