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Celebrity available for hire, based in Victoria

Scott’s family have been so in the dark about his singing talent that when he showed his mum written proof of his spot in the 2009 Series of Australian Idol in Sydney this year, at first she thought it was a fake.

Working as brickies labourer, Scott had never sung in front of an audience before he blew the nation away. “I sang when I was really little to Michael Jackson, when I was about four," remembers Scott. “Then when Guy Sebastian won [Idol], I brought his album and tried to sing along to that. That’s probably the first I can remember of trying to sing.”

Growing up, Scott had his eyes on a different prize to music. “I was hell bent on playing AFL, but you’ve got to be really good - I was just OK," he says. “I’ve got different dreams now. I’d still love to play AFL but that’s more in the past - music is more my future. And it’s now more of a reality than it was before. Well, it’s more like a dream but I still haven’t woken up yet, so I’m pretty happy.”

With no musical family members that he knows of, Scott’s at a loss to explain why he’s a natural on stage. “I felt comfortable the first time I was on stage, it’s weird," he wonders. “It must just be in my bones. Some generations back I must have had a performer in the family and it’s just come back to me - there’s no one else.”

Scott’s received some great tips from both national and international music industry experts as a top 12 contestant of Australian Idol, that will ensure he has a long and successful career in the entertainment industry!