Sarah Curro

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Classics & Strings available for hire, based in Victoria


In this historical talk Sarah Curro performs music from Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th century and current styles using the historically appropriate instruments. This performance/presentation explores the idea that instrument makers, performers and composers all managed to push the limits of technology, technical mastery and complexity. Sarah performs Bach, Kreuzer, Paganini, Ysaye, plus exciting new music written for the instruments invented by Melbourne luthier Paul Davies.


I first heard the Shostakovich String Quartet no. 8 when I was 18. I was totally blown away by its power and tragedy. I then started to imagine how awesome it would sound to plug in or amplify music like Shostakovich and to impress its power upon a new audience. You will feel the intense experience of live, amplified classical music thanks to these revolutionary new Semi-Acoustic Strings by Paul Davies, Melbourne Luthier.

We have the technology, so let’s do it!

Decipher the secret codes hidden in Shostakovich's music

Discover the composer Dmitri Shostakovich in his historical and political context

Feel the power of live classical music, played on the Arts Music Semi-Acoustic strings range

Shostakovich Plugged is educational and inspiring. The show has the power to excite people about all aspects of music and can be tailored to suit many audiences or venues.

Our semi-acoustic string quartet will come to you!


The brainchild of Melbourne violinist Sarah Curro

Sarah presents her solo amplified show VOLUME. New commissioned music, costumes, film clips and instruments at the fabulous BMW Edge once a year with repeat shows throughout the year at funky spaces like modern art galleries and bookstores.

Having commissioned a total of 30 pieces of music over 6 years from young, and/or up and coming composers Sarah has been called ‘The Fairy Godmother of composers’ (Andrew Ford 2011) and a National Treasure (Richard Gill). The show is also filmed, drawn, photographed and costumed all created by living breathing artists of today. Sarah believes that every creative person has something to offer the show and is passionate about giving these talented artists/composers the confidence to express themselves through their discipline in pxa real life setting- the VOLUME show.


The Friends of Eusebius and Florestan is a new ensemble based in Melbourne which brings together members of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Australian Chamber Orchestra and the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra who share a passion for music of the 19th century played on period instruments and in the spirit of the first Romantics. The name takes its cue from the two opposing alter egos of Robert Schumann: Eusebius - the dreamer and Florestan - the passionate and volatile romantic.