Ray Scicluna

Ray Scicluna-1

Speaker available for hire, based in Queensland

Ray has owned and operated three major franchises, two in Australia and one in New Zealand. Within these franchises, Ray has personally set up sixty-eight individual retail outlets in the entertainment and food industries. Moving into the video industry at 21, Ray revolutionised the industry over the next 6 years, opening a movie wholesale distribution company that became the largest in Australia.

Ray has had more than his share of challenges, and at 29 he was declared bankrupt. Even during this testing time, Ray never lost sight of his dream to succeed. Rejecting failure as his destination, Ray then built up the ‘Video Ezy’ franchise, which encompasses five states in Australia, as well as stores in New Zealand.

Ray has experience in retail business (Large and small), staff, health and balance. He has had more than his share of challenges, and bounced back after each disappointment. Ray’s message is simple yet effective, all things are possible