Prince Ravi Raja

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Roving Circus Act available for hire, based in Victoria

"Prince Ravi Raja", a monarch whose kingdom has fallen on hard times, has arrived in Bollywood. Under his mothers strict orders he has to find a rich wife, make it big as a movie star & save his kingdom from ruin. Potential wives are auditioned with a long list of criteria that must be fulfilled, before being deemed suitable for the position. Skills like the ability to balance a rose on the tip of her nose, being able to do a few contortion poses from the "Karma Sutra" (put one foot in the mouth whilst standing on the other, that sort of thing). Together with other such skills that are skillfully demonstrated by the prince himself. There is also his aspiring acting career where he spontaneously auditions lines from classic cowboy western movies at anybody Ravi thinks may give him his big break in the movies. Ravi Raja is a fun character who uses magic, circus skills & comedy to create an exotic atmosphere at any event.