Peter Spanos

Peter Spanos-1

Feature Act available for hire, based in Victoria

Peter Spanos, Musical Director of Tigris, has been actively pursuing a solo career for a number of years. His melodic rock / pop songs are set to inspire and tempt listeners of all ages. He also performs cover songs from a wide range of musical interests, ranging from the 60's through to the 'new millenium'.

Peter also deals with music production and music tuition working as a vocals / guitar teacher. Peter already has a number of students and enjoys giving back to them some of skills and knowledge he has obtained during his career.

Peter is an experienced 'guitarist' who also has a versatile and impressive voice. His music repertoire for his 'One Man Show Act' includes genres, such as: Pop / Rock / Jazz / Blues & R'n'B.

Combining his specialty in vocal / guitar ballads (Love Songs) and his experience with up-tempo repertoire, Peter is now available for all types of work in the entertainment industry, such as: Clubs / Restaurants / Venues / Festivals, etc.

He is a polished & professional performer, able to sustain anything from a 'support act' to an entire performance, in both commercial and corporate venues.