Oxo Cubans

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World Music available for hire, based in Victoria

Tuba, trombone saxophones, drums, congas and a whole world of percussion. Singing, whistling dancing, rapping and fooling around.

Thirty kilos of brass, five voices and seventy seven percussion instruments.

The Oxo Cubans play a feast of their original, funky favourites. They shun the conventional and opt for something a little more of their own, as a live act, these guys are a must see!

Oxo Cubans have some inventive methods to get people up and dancing: one they call The Snowball: two band members set up the groove, the other two hit the dance floor and demonstrate how to dance. Then the music stops, the two dancers go and find a partner each, the music starts and now there are four on the dance floor, dancing. After a short dance the music stops, the four members go and get a partner. In this way 2 becomes 4 becomes 8 becomes 16 becomes 32 becomes 64 becomes 128. Pretty soon everyone is dancing. Breaking the ice was never so easy!