Olympic Games Trivia Night

Olympic Games Trivia Night-1

Feature Act available for hire, based in Victoria

Its a new show that mixes the comedy and interactive quiz night around a fun Olympics theme. Each table becomes a table of combatants representing one of the Olympic "family" encouraged to use some of their own language - we encourage you to adopt phrases unique to your "land" - and barrack for your own team against the rest.

The night begins with the "parade of nations" and the entrance of the torch bearer that lights the sacred flame - alright its more of a candle but its message is clear.... then we put you through your paces swapping athletic pursuits for trivia, game show style rounds and simple quizzes of a variety of styles - music quizzes, celebrity and sporting "pick your face", race around the world - and some easy activities such as ball throws and balloon races. (we can tailor these to suit your group making them more "sporting" or less depending on what you would feel comfortable with, like all our games shows we listen to our clients and tailor the sorts of games they would like from over 30 different ideas in a variety of formats).

Nothing is taken too seriously and finally the winning team is announced to much fanfare and accusations of cheating - which may in fact be the case.

Our Olympics Quiz shows can also provide simple costume items for your teams and a mix of indoor and outdoor games if you prefer. Chocolate medallions can also be hung around the necks of the winning teams if required.