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Celebrity available for hire, based in Victoria

Introduced to the world as the girl who flew at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games; Nikki’s had an extremely successful music-recording career with ARIA nominated gold and platinum hits; She’s been the face of a range of makeup for young teens; The face of the Movieworld Theme Park; Was named #10 on Who Weekly’s “Power List”; Is a ‘Mo’ and Variety Heart Award winner; Played the dream role of Dorothy in the multi-million dollar Australian production of ‘Wizard of Oz’; Has her own clothing range at Kmart; and…she’s only 20-years-old.

At the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, the world watched in as a tiny pale figure with little blonde curls and big innocent-eyes, walked to the center of the Olympic Stadium clad in a cute pink sundress, laid down on the “beach,” and began to dream. Before a live audience of 110,000 and 3.7 billion global viewers, the petite school-girl began to rise. The crowds held their breath as the fearless 13-year-old “Hero Girl” flew eight-stories high; fly swimming through the magnificent display of sea creatures, her voice ringing through the air “like an angel”.

This is the day that Nikki Webster became a household name, and one of the “most watched faces in the world.” The “Golden Girl of the Olympic Games…” the “Darling of the Olympics.” The day that Nikki’s life changed forever and her own dreams began to come true.

At just 20 years of age, Nikki has already made an indelible mark on the Australian Entertainment Industry, as well as winning the hearts of countless throughout the world. After her outstanding performance at both the Opening and Closing ceremonies, Nikki received her own Olympic Gold from the successful release of the Olympic hit singles “We’ll be one” and “Under Southern Skies.” Another achievement added to a career that had been developing since Nikki was a toddler; but it was the Olympics that sped everything up.

By the time Nikki had turned 10 she had tucked numerous commercials under her belt, had performed a duet with Michael Jackson, and had already toured with pantomime productions of “Aladdin” and “Cinderella,” as well as such famed musicals as “Les Miserables” and “The Sound of Music.” After her success with the Olympics, recording companies began competing to sign her up, and Nikki settled on an exclusive worldwide recording contract with Gotham Records/BMG Australia Ltd in November 2000.

In early 2001 Nikki was launched as the face of Jäger, It’s a Girl Thing, a range of skincare and makeup for young teens. Nikki’s first pop single ‘Strawberry Kisses’ was soon released and immediately became one of the biggest selling Australian singles of the year. The single opened at No.2 on the charts and rapidly became a double platinum hit. Her debut album, ‘Follow Your Heart’ followed with platinum status, and took Nikki on a promotional tour throughout Australia, Europe and Asia.

Both the ‘Follow Your Heart’ album and ‘Strawberry Kisses’ single were ARIA nominated in the Highest Selling Album/Single categories in 2001. She was also awarded the John O’Keefe Encouragement Award at the prestigious ‘Mo’ Awards, and the Variety Heart Award for Young Entertainer of The Year. With her “in-demand” success, Nikki began making guest appearances all over Australia, and became the spokesperson for a number of different charities including The Spastic Centre of NSW and the Kids Helpline.

In 2002 Nikki released her second Album, “Bliss” with two Gold hit singles. She also scored the dream role of Dorothy in the multi-million dollar Australian production of ‘Wizard of Oz,’ which toured the East coast of Australia on a “sell-out” 14 month run. The Australian pop charts weren’t the only lists Nikki was appearing on. In Late 2002, Nikki was named #10 on Who Weekly’s entertainment industry “power list”. She also became the face of the “Movieworld” Theme Park, (Australia’s answer to Universal Studios) and ranked 96th and 93rd in the FHM 100 Sexiest Women in 2003 and 2004 respectively. Moving up the rankings in 2005 to number 5 with her new grown up image.

Early 2003 brought an invitation from Disney to record a cover of ‘I Wanna be like you’ for the Australian version of ‘The Jungle Book 2’ soundtrack. Nikki co-choreographed the clip and helped design outfits. Kmart found out about Nikki’s interest in clothing design and approached her about designing a range for the “tween” market. (5-10 year-olds) Nikki then began the hunt for fashion samples throughout the USA and Europe. Her first clothing label was released nationwide with instant success through Kmart stores in August 2003.

Nikki embarked upon her first full length concert tour in 2004. After the success of the first engagement, further venues extended her East Coast Tour for two more “on the road” events. With the release of her third Album, ‘Let’s Dance’ Nikki juggled recording, performing, and designing her fashion range along with studying for her high school certificate.

In 2005, Nikki’s profile took a dramatic turn when she was asked to participate in the popular Channel 7 series – “Dancing with the Stars.” The public interest was sparked yet again with her development into a young woman. To celebrate turning 18, “The Best of Nikki Webster” Album and Bonus DVD was released; allowing Nikki to salute her past, and free her to explore the future with a new direction in recording, and to discover other avenues within the entertainment industry.

June of 2005 took Nikki to China, where she performed the Australian National Anthem along with three of her own hit singles for the V8 Super Car, Shanghai. The performance was televised live on Network 10 and around the globe to millions from the USA to Europe.

From China, Nikki headed straight to Los Angeles USA, where she is currently working with renowned songwriters and record producers. Together, Nikki is working and collaborating with a fantastic team to develop Nikki’s unique sound and direction, to transform and broaden her horizons and phenomenal career.

Nikki returned to Australia in January 2007 to continue her writing and has just finished playing the lead role of Sheila in the musical HAIR. She is travelling between LA and Australia developing her new sound and direction. She is currently getting ready to perform in the Musical Rent playing the lead female role of Maureen.