Nicholas J Johnson - Australia's Honest Conman

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Magician available for hire, based in Victoria

Nicholas J. Johnson is an entertainer with a difference. He combines the skills of a con artist, pickpocket, magician, comedian and sideshow entertainer in one incredible act.As Australia's Honest Con Man, Nicholas will steal your watch, cheat you with just a deck of cards, talk you out of your wallet and keep you laughing the whole time. But don't worry, Nicholas J. Johnson is Australia's Honest Con Man. He is a genuine fraud and a trustworthy swindler. Not only does he admit he is a con artist, he'll let your guests in on the swindle and even let them beat him at his own game!

The Scam Show

Have your audience laughing on the edge of their seats with 5 to 45 minutes of magic stunts, magic, scams and deceptions. The scam show combines stand up comedy and audience interaction with classic scams brought to life. Audience members will be talked out of their wallets by this fast talking master of the scam and the biggest secrets of con artists will be revealed. The perfect centerpiece to an event, a great way to celebrate and the ideal way to make your guests feel like the stars of the show!

Mix and Mingle

Impromptu crooked card games break out, watches go missing only to reappear second later and your money appears double and triple before vanishing all together. Nicholas will wander through your next cocktail party or from table to table at a formal dinner entertaining your guests with bite size stunts, scams and deceptions. Or Imagine being able to play 'Con Man's Party Games' and win a $1000,000 note if you beat Nicholas at single hand of poker or the famous 'Shell Game'. These incredible routines, and more, will break the ice, get people talking and make sure that your event is remember for years to come.

“Nicholas also has something any profitable liar (or performer for that matter) must possess – charisma. Despite fooling us over and over again, you just can’t help but like him.”

Robbie Buck, Triple J

“If Nicholas J. Johnson fleeces you, don't worry - he is using his power for good, not evil.”

The Age

“Nicholas is a magician and entertainer who will take you to the cleaners in the blink of an eye…Clever man! I’m glad he’s on our side!“

A Current Affair

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