Mrs Goldberg

Mrs Goldberg-1

Cover Band available for hire, based in Victoria

Veteran R & B outfit, who go by the outlandish name "Mrs Goldberg", are back on the road yet again. The 8 member band will be providing the entertainment at the upcoming Jewish Aid Australia fundraising dance on September 2nd. The R & B hits the band play are truly sensational and you will find it hard to resist the urge to dance, sing or just groove along. The three piece frontline vocals and 5 piece rhythm section delivers music that will make you and their mothers weep.

The band line up of this band features a 'who's who' of the local music scene including Phil Goldberg, (from 'The Splitters') who is one of the most entertaining front men and versatile singers around. His vocals are joined with those of Vicki Goldberg (nee Formosa of 'LRB' fame and session singer/songwriter) and Debbie Goldberg (nee Sher - 'Always In the Mood'). The rhythm section consists of Martin Goldberg (nee 'Imageworks') on keys, Jack Goldberg (nee Setton – MadCat Sound Studios) on drums, Ian Goldberg (nee Holding - 'Cover-up', 'Real Guitars') on very funky bass and Jono "Wa-Wa" Goldberg (nee Cohen - Ride, Ride Ride America) on guitars. The band has been gigging around various venues and well known in the corporate and party scene.