Cover Band available for hire, based in South Australia

Since its inception 6yrs ago, Metropolis has performed in many situations cementing itself as a versatile outfit catering to a wide spectrum of tastes with its rhythmic dance interpretations of the classics.

The collective experience of the Metropolis members ensures sophistication, with energy, having already added flavour to over 250

occasions around SA. Favouring the City corporate circuit, Metropolis is able to cover idioms of jazz through to modern pop.

Enjoying performance situations ranging from the Melbourne Cup Fashion Tent, Wallabies promotional appearance, night-clubs and weddings, Metropolis has maintained a high strike rate to get people on the dance floor. Metropolis have become accustomed to enjoying the interaction of a supportive crowd, whilst impressing their celebrational vibe.

Young & Funky, Polished & Refined!

Maintaining 3 core members, Metropolis is a metamorphing entity able to adjust its line up to ensure utmost appropriateness for any occasion, including the choice of up to 7 members, including a brass section.