Masked Marauders

Masked Marauders-1

Magician available for hire, based in Victoria

Improvised & interactive silent close up magic

Magicians Richard Vegas and Julia Madotti present “The Masked Marauders”.

The Masked Marauders have been part of the entertainment scene in Sydney for almost a decade and are now available in MELBOURNE. They have performed for numerous corporate clients, such as ANZ, Telstra, Fox Studios, Sony, HSBC, and Masterfoods to name a few and have been regular guest entertainers at Star City Casino. Over the years The Masked Marauders have continually evolved, creating a distinct and refined style of entertainment that is entirely unique and characteristic of these two exceptional performers. Silent and comic, they have a young and inquisitive temperament and will delight guests with subtle mime and interactive magic.

See them endlessly manipulate and play with magical lights, appear and vanish coins and shower guests with confetti! They stalk, they run, they dance, they bestow fortune scrolls and enchant with traditional magic such as playing cards and silks. They skillfully and mischieviously play, smile and interact and are guaranteed to make guests relax and laugh. They have also been used as 'installation pieces' for gallery openings and exclusive events that require a more refined and stylistic approach. The Masked Marauders are glamorous and funny, mysterious and comic, clever and artful – A perfectly balanced act of interactive and visual roving entertainment.