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Magician available for hire, based in Western Australia

Meet Liam Walsh, ‘the urban Gandalf’ set to bring some magic back into our lives.

It’s a kind of magic... or at least Liam Walsh is. The street trickster is bringing his unbelievable card shuffling skills and illusory genius into the UK’s biggest and best clubs, proving himself to be the best thing since er, Paul Daniels. As an entertainer he’s wowed crowds at Funkybuddha in Brighton and Fabric and the Ministry of Sound in London and had stints on E4, Sky One and MTV Dance. He’s amazing everyone everywhere he goes and there’s no white rabbit in sight. He’s taking over and the likes of Daniels should be running scared.

Liam Walsh truly grabs you when you see it, it's vibrant and it's fresh. Walsh is a 21-year old photographer, fashion designer, and nightclub magician from Brighton, England. Liam began magic in 2005 and started selling his first shirts in 2008.

Liam now resides in Australia and is bringing his fresh approach to close-up magic right to your next event.