Magician - Elio

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Magician available for hire, based in Victoria

International Conjuror

As one of Australia’s most accomplished and talented magicians and conjurors, Elio will have you witnessing the impossible before your very eyes and even in your hands! He was personally introduced to and invited to perform for the Prince and Princess of Wales, Princes Charles and the late Lady Diana. In a Soiree of Magic, things are brought up close and amongst the spectators, where the impossible happens before their very eyes, and even in their own hands! Face Lift is an original creation. It is the only one of its kind in the world, and guaranteed to astonish any audience, as a girl’s head vanishes amidst a flash of fire! Comic relief is available in Chef’s Nightmare where there is catastrophe in the kitchen as bumbling chefs Elio and Eva attempt to bake a simple cake!