Lisa Wilkinson

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Celebrity available for hire, based in Victoria

Lisa Wilkinson, co-host of the Nine Network’s TODAY Show, is one of Australia’s most admired and respected journalists and corporate presenters.

For the past two decades she has successfully applied her journalistic talents to magazine publishing, television and radio. Her communication skills have also made her one of the country’s most sought-after corporate presenters and conference and event facilitators.

Lisa has been credited with attracting a new wave of viewers through her relaxed and informative presentation style.

As well, she can often be heard expressing her views on Sydney’s 2UE as the fill-in presenter on the breakfast program hosted by her husband Peter FitzSimons and Mike Carlton.

Lisa’s media career got off to an astonishing start when she was appointed editor of the national women’s magazine Dolly at age 21.

Four years later, on the recommendation of the late Kerry Packer, Lisa was offered the editorship of Cleo. Over the next decade, she oversaw Cleo’s rapid circulation surge which resulted in a doubling of circulation and guiding it to the position of the No. 1 selling women’s lifestyle magazine per capita in the world. Later she became Cleo’s International Editor-in-Chief, running editions in New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Apart from her unrivalled magazine skills, Lisa is a leading business mentor.

Under her special brand of guidance and training, there are now 18 women and men around the world who have gone on to become successful magazine editors themselves. Nicole Kidman, Megan Gale and Kate Fischer can also thank Lisa for her astute talent-spotting abilities and the role she has played in launching their careers.

Along with her extremely busy career, Lisa somehow manages to successfully combine it all with her marriage to fellow journalist and author Peter FitzSimons and together they have three young children.


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->‘Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone - Both Personally and Professionally - To Achieve Success You Never Imagined’

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->‘Striking a Balance’ :

Life Balance is one of Lisa’s best presentation topics as she is constantly asked how she has balanced a successful media and corporate career while at the same time raising a family and keeping both intact. Business Mentoring is another exciting aspect of Lisa’s presentations, which is such an important component to any business life. Often we are weighed down by the strains of modern life and don’t have time to regularly assess where we are at professionally and personally. Lisa’s methods and strategies do work and will make a difference to one's approach to business and more importantly, life.