Libbi Gorr

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Celebrity available for hire, based in New South Wales

Libbi Gorr is one of Australia’s finest Live Hosts and broadcasters. She bring a unique blend of journalism and humorous observation to her work across radio, television and print media. Her exceptional entertainment skills plus an absolute understanding of your company and the aims of your function can only guarantee a successful event.

Libbi burst on TV as Elle McFeast along side Andrew Denton in “Live and Sweaty” in 1991. Since then Libbi has produced an impressive array of quality award winning programs including; “Breasts”, “Sex Guys and Videotape”, “The Whitlam Dismissal”(all ABC), “What Women Want” (CH10) and “The “IF” Awards”(SBS). Currently Libbi can be heard broadcasting for ABC Local Radio.

Graduating from Melbourne University Law School in 1987, Libbi completed her articles in 1990. In recent Years, she has studied fine arts and philosophy. This combined with her love of current affairs and politics provides a fertile base for intelligent and relevant comedy.

Perfectly placed as an uplifting and professional MC or facilitator Libbi is skilled in ensuring your audience is relaxed and secure making them at once receptive and open to the messages your company needs to deliver.

As keynote speaker, Libbi entertains and inspires creative thinking with topics such as resilience, team building and the every day hero.

With material tailored made for your function along with live interaction with your audience, Libbi will make your event the talk of the town.