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Feature Act available for hire, based in New South Wales

The Laserman Experience show was honoured with the Silver Wand Award at the Monte-Carlo Magic Stars and later that year received a highly coveted First Place ILDA Award for Special Applications at the International Laser Display Association conference in Brussels - the equivalent of an Oscar in the world of lasers! In 2006, the show was available in Australia for the very first time!

The founder of Laserman first discovered the art of magic and illusions when he came to Paris in ’92 looking for a job. He was a computer engineer who loved electronics and science fiction. He began to play with the art of classic magic but was not satisfied - he wanted to experiment with something truly different. In '97 whilst thinking about science fiction acts, he started to imagine creating magic effects with light… he was inspired when watching a mime scene by a magician called Jeff McBride - in it he was touching a cone of light, made visible with smoke effects, as if it was a solid object.

In 2004, he trained three substitute performers, “The Replicants”, in response to the high demand for his show and a request for an annual tour of French discotheques. The corporate market was also demanding his services - a market in which he was becoming well known and was being utilised as a symbol for the future, for progress and creativity. In 2005, Theo Dari created the company ‘LASERMEN’, to produce and train his “replicants” and continue to promote his act.

THE LASERMAN EXPERIENCE: A truly magical illusion! Blades of laser light are hand manipulated right in front of your eyes! Watch the laws of physics crumble when the performer actually "holds" a beam of light in his hands, split it into two, bend them and spin them around like a light sabre! He even throws the beams over your head, up into the roof and even creates blasts of logos and powerful messages around the room!

Ladies and gentlemen, you will now be transformed into a world encompassed in darkness, from within this darkness, a man brings the power of light from a world where physics has no boundaries, prepare yourselves for "Laserman".

Why 360?: The new 360 show has been created from the past years of performing the Laserman shows and analysing all the procedures of the act and redesigning it to make load in and out faster, striking quicker and easier, the performance more impactful as well as implementing new technology to enhance the overall act.

The 360 show allows for a simple text or powerful message to be projected onto a nearby surface to the Laserman platform.

Enhanced: The enhanced show allows for a more intricate logo projection and is blasted into thousands of copies all around the room

Awards: ILDA Awards 2003 - 1st Prize "Special Applications"

Monte-Carlo Magic Stars - Silver Wand and the SBM Prize Monaco 35th Congress of AFAP - 2nd Prize Arts Vannes