Lady Cordelia Winterbottom

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Entertainment available for hire, based in Victoria

Lady Cordelia Winterbottom has titled herself as ‘Domestic Bliss Advocate, Etiquette Authoress and Principle Educator of the Lady Cordelia Winterbottom Etiquette School For Ladies’

“It is possible to be a lady without being a killer” says Lady Cordelia Winterbottom.

Over the course of your event Lady Cordelia will educate your guests on proper and suitable behaviour. As party host and MC she has no fear when it comes to making an example of your important guests and keynote speakers. You can expect her to give deportment, grooming or diction lessons to speakers live on stage before she allows them to deliver their presentations and to quiz them on the appropriate cutlery with which to eat asparagus after they are done.

Lady Cordelia also presents a full etiquette show where she runs full behaviour makeovers, quotes a colourful array of behaviour guides and even educates through song accompanied on piano or keyboard by Geoffrey, the butler.

"Lady Cordelia deals out pearls of domestic Wisdom like Martha Stuart on Crack" Australian Stage Online

"The biggest draw here is Hertaeg’s powerful voice, she quickly sets a sultry mood and is well on her way to becoming one strong cabaret diva" Australian Stage Online