Kookies N Kream

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Dance available for hire, based in New South Wales

Kookies N Kream, one of the most exciting and fresh new dance acts to hit the country. Aged from 14 - 19 They have wowed their audience with their high energy, high flying dance act that is hard to match.

They have been performing and competing in the dance industry since 2010 and since then they have won countless dance titles and on June 2012 earned them the most popular dance act in Australia capturing a place in the hit TV show Australias Got Talent on channel 7.

Kookies N Kream's passion and hard work brought them to the Grand Final Of Australias Got Talent with only one can match the title eg Justice Crew. Their one of kind performances uses high energy choreography with clever props such LED light gloves, Fluro costumes and light shows, and with the hottest tracks of today gives, Kookies N Kream an act that is unique, entertaining and very contagious.


Looze Control Champions 2012

Looze Control Champions 2011

Aus Hip Hop Champions SYD 2011

Legacy Dance Champions 2011

3rd Place Battlegrounds International dance Championships 2011

2nd Place Groove Australia 2011

3rd Place Hip Hop Internationals 2011


Australias Got talent 2012

Swiss Vitamins Commercial 2012

Channel 7 News 2012

Channel 7 Sunrise 2011