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Celebrity available for hire, based in New South Wales

Famous for his wit, wisdom, and penchant for sport, Kerry O'Keeffe is a favourite among audiences who enjoy his unique style and presentation. Kerry O'Keeffe is a natural entertainer.

With his larger-than-life personality, this former Test cricketer enjoys a highly successful media career. His quick and wicked humour, knowledge and interest in all things sport won him a gig as a regular guest on the popular TV show “The Fat”. Since then, he has never been very far from centre stage in the media.

As a speaker, Kerry O'Keeffe has an excellent range. He has a very individual style, combining comedy with his passionate and inspiring addresses on motivation. From his personal kit bag of hilarious sporting yarns, he captures the attention of any audience and holds it. His motto, "Being the best you can be", is put into practice in everything he undertakes. He is an inspiring speaker, a consummate performer, and an entertaining commentator.

Kerry O'Keeffe's interest in sport has never waned. He continues strong links with Australia's favourite game as a commentator for ABC Radio and as a specialist tutor to aspiring young leg spinners at the AIS Cricket Academy in Adelaide and the young NSW Emerging Blues. He understands all facets of the game and its administration, from performance at the elite level, to its grassroots operations.

The inevitable highs and lows throughout his sporting and personal life have given Kerry O'Keeffe a special understanding of being human. His failure to adapt to the setbacks and adversity of his initial cricket after-life forged a strong character with valuable insights into the impact of the sporting spotlight that he shares generously and eloquently with others. He has a firm belief in the value of honest communication and mentoring in the work place and on the sporting field.

Kerry O'Keeffe's vast knowledge forms the basis of an anecdote-spiced presentation sure to have you laughing your socks off one minute and searching within the next. The man with the most distinctive laugh in the electronic media is both entertaining and provocative.

Here are just a few of the many highlights of Kerry O'Keeffe's career:

* ABC Radio Test cricket and One Day International Commentator

* Regular guest and commentator in the media, such as on the sports panel show “The Fat”

* Chief writer “Inside Edge” cricket magazine

* Level III cricket coach

* Elite coach for NSW Emerging Blues Squad

* Specialist spin bowling coach for AIS Cricket Academy in Adelaide.