Kaz and Shaz

Kaz and Shaz-1

Roving Character available for hire, based in Western Australia

Dressed in fabulous' 80's-style evening wear, complete with coloured court shoes and the latest perm, Kaz and Shaz will 'mingle' with guests during pre-dinner drinks. Designed to be an ice-breaker, Kaz and Shaz will purport to be 'out of towners', dressed in their best to 'meet new blokes' and 'take a few notes' on the latest ladies designer fashion. Kaz is the 'glamour girl' of the pair and really thinks she's up with the times, while Shaz has a bit of an image problem - being slightly hunch back and the unfortunate victim of oversized 80's spectacles. The pair will have a disposable camera with which they will take some 'stunning' shots of them with the guests, which of course will be then be handed over to the event organiser as a memento of the event. Kaz and Shaz can also usher guests into the main room and even introduce the mc if required.