Juggler - Skye Gellmann

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Circus available for hire, based in New South Wales

Skye Gellmann, started circus at the age of 10 with Cirkidz Circus School and Performing Troupe, Adelaide, and remained with the company for 7 years. During these years, Skye performed in shows at many large festivals and events including the Come Out Youth Arts, Adelaide, and Adelaide Fringe Festivals.

In 2003, Skye was accepted into the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA), Melbourne, Australia, receiving an Australian Bachelor of Circus Arts (BCircA) in 2006.

Foremost, Skye is a leading Rolla-Bolla and Chinese Pole artist. He is also an excellent Clown, and has fine skill in Juggling, Acrobatics, Slack Rope, Walking Globe and Unicycle.

Skye has 11 years roving experience and is one of the most highly skilled rovers in Australia. Skye's eloquent clowning mixed with world-class skills makes him stand out from the rest! Skye’s Roving Characters range from bright and colourful, to simple and un-intrusive.

Skye's Skills:

Bowling Ball:

Skye stands atop the bowling ball and walks around. He pirouettes on top without touching the ground, jumps from one to the other and does a handstand on the bowling ball.

Specs: (grass, carpet, lino, and wooden floors preferred) Concrete floors may be negotiated.


Skye’s smooth, confident, and skilful unicycle performance will entertain and absorb audiences.


Skye’s sculptural ball juggling stands out because it is different and inventive.


Roving Rolla-bolla, is good for any event. It may be very sculptural and on the side; or interactive, putting on small shows around the space!

(Stilts coming soon!)

Skye prides himself on a high level of artistry. Character and movement are integrated seamlessly with world-class skill level to produce unique circus acts.