Jelly Bean Addiction

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Cover Band available for hire, based in Victoria

15 years ago Jellybean Addiction made their first public performance Christmas Eve 1995.

Jellybean Addiction's early repertoire focused mainly on the classic hits of the 70’s & 80’s including ABBA, The Jackson 5, The Buggles & KISS.

Today Jellybean Addiction’s repertoire still includes those 70’s & 80’s classics but now includes later artists such as Robbie Williams, Kylie, Pink & the Scissor Sisters cementing Jellybean Addictions ability to be a very versatile and most entertaining band. In fact the perfect choice for almost all functions.

Whilst some artists come and go, Jellybean Addiction will continue to take the classic hits from the 70’s & through the millennium and play them to a willing audience. So dust off the flares, get out your air guitar and get ready to enjoy the performance of Jellybean Addiction.

Chances are if the song has a disco or funky beat, a great bass line and the artist wore flares you'll find yourself at a Jellybean Addiction gig dancing, singing along or up on stage with the band helping to perform it.

As the exposure of Jellybean Addiction has grown from Nightclubs to festivals, weddings, debutante balls and corporate functions so has the genre of songs.