Jazz Katz Featuring Catherine Lambert

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Swing & Jazz available for hire, based in South Australia

Catherine Lambert is a master of crooning the sultry jazz ballad and pouring sweet melody into welcoming souls just beyond the stage, or screen.

She is just at home in delivering robust, dynamic energy and lavishing charisma in her regular live shows and recordings where Catherine captures the audience with her own inimitable stamp. Musical theatre and comedy are other areas where Catherine shines, including her various acting experiences on stage and international film but Jazz is where she continues to sparkle the brightest.

Though Jazz Kats play mostly festivals, corporate events, and fund raisers these days, supporting notable vocalists and celebrities; Richie likes to return to the smoky old pub scene to keep a hold of the intimacy with the crowd. More recently, Richie has developed a series of duos for finer restaurants and very special occasions.

With a fresh and spontaneous approach, every Jazz Kats gig brings inspired, spontaneous, and unforgettably magic performances!

What's your flavour?

Jazz Kats has a pool of fabulous players to draw from, and the flavour of a gig can be as varied as the musos involved. This includes blues, traditional, classic swing, bop, funk, latino rhythms, new wave and even electronica & techno. If you have a flavour in mind, and you would like to include Richie's Jazz Kats in an event, you can discuss it when you book. It may well be possible, depending on which musos are available on the day.

You can select any of the below for a Trio to 7 piece band

Catherine Lambert Vocals

Gavin Clarke Vocal/Trombone

Phil Smith Keyboards

Shireen Khemlani Bass

Richie Robinson Guitars

Gabriel Chammah Saxophone

Antero Ceschin Drums/Harmonica

Damien Eldridge Drums/Percussion

JJ Hackett Drums

Why not serve up a Duo which can include:

Richie and Catherine as Swing & Popular Jazz on Guitar & Vocal

Richie Robinson & Catherine Lambert bring to the table a combination of sizzling, classic temptations, served with the chefs’ sauce of the day. This is acoustic jazz guitar and classic jazz vocal at it’s best.

Go on, try a serve - you know you want to...

Best served with fine wine, or single malt whiskey

Richie and Gavin as The Sound of Today on Guitar & Vocal/Trombone

Richie Robinson & Gavin Clarke serve up jazz flame grilled and spicy! This is bound to get you out of your chair, either for a dance or to lie down! A simple serving of acoustic jazz guitar, trombone, and a uniquely Australian vocal flavour, served with a side dish of percussive chops, and just a light dash of grin.

Serve with beer, wine, and perhaps chips and dip

Richie and Gabriel as Classic Jazz Instrumental on Guitar & Saxophone

Richie Robinson & Gabriel Chammah serve up classic jazz in the tradition of George Golla and Don Burrows. Acoustic guitar & and saxophone bring a tantalising blend of chunky bass lines & tastful harmony, laced with finely cut melodic lines, and it’s served with a side dish of percussive interludes.

Serve with fine wine, beer and perhaps a cheese platter

Richie and Dino Jag as Funky Soul & Jazz on Guitar and Vocal

Richie Robinson & Dino Jag LaVista mix up the funky soul sauce, and serve with a salad of classic flavours from 1920 to today. A funky blend of acoustic jazz guitar & soulful jazz vocal.

Serve with beer or wine