Indigenous Dancers and Didgeridoo

Indigenous Dancers and Didgeridoo-1
Indigenous Dancers and Didgeridoo-2
Indigenous Dancers and Didgeridoo-3

World Music available for hire, based in Victoria

This group of Indigenous performers range in age and come from different Indigenous tribes. They are all talented young artists and have danced through parts of Asia and Australia. The performance can combine traditional costumes and dance, story telling, didgeridoo playing, and chanting drawn from all over Australia.

‘There is a special wonder and beauty in the stories, songs and dances that the Australian Aborigines share with us. A glimpse of perhaps the earliest known indigenous community of the world, with their art and culture still untouched by outsiders. The beauty and power of the music and the dances are expressive of a spiritual and cultural understanding of man’s place in the universe.’ Journalist - New York Times.