Hobby Horses

Hobby Horses-1

Roving Specialty Artist available for hire, based in Victoria

The Hobby Horses is an act combining puppetry, music, dance, comedy, and characters. The animal instinct of these horses is to embarrass their snobby horse-riders, giving the audience an enjoyable and very humorous spectacle. A visual treat of colour and movement, the Hobby Horses appeal to people of all ages.

Using classical and funky music, The Hobby Horses can also entertain in a non-verbal show. Choreographed in the style of equestrian and dressage events. The focus of the performance is the interplay between the horses (the puppets), the riders, and the audience. The human urge to complete and win an important and prestigious event inevitably clashes with the horse's urge to rebel and seek solace in eating and playing.

Hobby Horses have been seen at events such as the Melbourne Cup Carnival, the VRC Parade of Champions, Perth International Arts Festival, Melbourne International Arts Festival, and the Woodford Folk Festival.