Goliath and the Maharani

Goliath and the Maharani-1
Goliath and the Maharani-2
Goliath and the Maharani-3

Roving Specialty Artist available for hire, based in New South Wales

Goliath is an 8ft tall baby Indian Elephant, who performs as a roving act for Festivals, Events, Meet and Greet, Weddings, or Other, Goliath performs accompanied by his 9ft tall keeper, The Maharani - (named Zita).

Both Goliath and The Maharani are created from 100% recycled Sari's. Worked as a Stilt Creations, Goliath houses a stilt walker who, using stilts attached to all 4 limbs, becomes the internal mechanism for this stunning 3 dimensional 8ft tall animation. Goliath is led by his keeper, the Elephant Maharani - Zita who is also performing on stilts and stands 9ft tall. Goliath and the Maharani work as a puppet duo, as the Maharani can manipulate Goliath's truck to sniff and 'snuffle' the audience, and Goliath responds to his audiences using physical movement and animation.

The Maharani and Goliath can be accompanied by David 'Hattenborough', a ground character who is a fountain of wisdom regarding Elephant facts, and can inform the audience on all aspects of the Elephants history and wisdom, both Indian and African. The addition of David 'Hattenborough' is great for education performances or events wishing to add a little to the visual spectacle. The Maharani is also a fountain of Elephant wisdom and can also impart Elephant facts in the absence of David 'Hattenborough'.

The whole costume and concept, Goliath and The Maharani - Zita, and David 'Hattenborough' are made out of recycled materials. Goliath and The Maharani are made out of 100% recycled Sari's (with the exception of Goliath's frame, which is 80% recycled material), so the entire creation is a very 'green' costume, perfect for any Events, or Clients wishing to promote carbon neutral, environmentally aware and friendly Performance Art - Councils, Environment Conscious Festivals, Conferences, Other.