Foot Juggler - Zoe Robbins

Foot Juggler - Zoe Robbins-1
Foot Juggler - Zoe Robbins-2

Roving Circus Act available for hire, based in Victoria

These foot juggling acts are delicate, dramatic, breathtaking and totally unique! Combining the circus skills of Europe and China, Zoe Robbins can juggle burning fire sticks, colourful barrels, translucent Chinese umbrellas and fringed blankets.

Choreographed to stylish sound tracks and only requiring simple but subtle lighting, the performer provides her own props, needs little or no technical assistance and is able to set up in literally minutes. The act can be designed to last 5, 7 or 10 minutes. It can be easily repeated on the same day. This act will dazzle, amaze and thrill audiences of all ages and will enhance and make special events, of all kinds. Zoe Robbins’ foot juggling is timeless, highly skilled and infinitely flexible.