Fire & Theft

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Fire & Theft-2
Fire & Theft-3

Swing & Jazz available for hire, based in Victoria

Made with the double cream of Circus Oz, Prayerbabies, Checkerboard Lounge and a sweetened, condensed ilk, the debonaireheads of FIRE&THEFT whip sound til it's a swaying suede sensurround.

Ribald and Racy Rhythms!

Luxurious Latin'n'Lounge!

The reoriginal 40's & 50's nightclub versions of “Love Cats” (Cure), “Addicted to Love”(Robert Palmer), “ No-one Knows” (Queens of the Stone Age), “Mr. Brightside” (the Killers) and “Seguro Sabe Algo” revived by Kiss as “Sure Know Something” sit, just so....

Other artists who have enjoyed success with their own renditions from FIRE&THEFT's pleasure trove of golden fried hits include the Eurythmics, Led Zepplin, the Who & Shirley Bassey.

&, as for the influences to which FIRE&THEFT tip their fez'z, please count Carmen Miranda, Louis Jordan, Frank Sinatra, Brian Griffin, Michael Buble-Pipe, Kylie and Bizet among their number.

FIRE&THEFT are scientrifficly designed to release the inner swing burglar your sense of dancin' rrRRroMAnce has been shyly guarding against all this time.

The ensemble comprises:

the contratemporary vocal stylings of “Faust” Ian Birdwheel-Frights on famous Framus '61 Riviera;

Paul “Stringali' Jonas via 18th century Italian violin & voce;

Leo,”the lion-loined” Kahans thru white frettless Fender;

335th Dan Kerr powernoodling a silk semi-acoustic Gibson &

Chrisistopheles Lewis all over bowlingball-sparkly kit locked to Tim 'King Conga' Webb whilst warbling.

With seasonal sax, trombone and clarinet FIRE&THEFT can bloom to a 9 piece or be bonsai-ed all the way down thru 5, 4 & 3 piece to a duo, all the while retaining their je ne sais quoi or I don’t know what’s what!

You'll know, it's only Moroccan Roll but, you'll like it.